Women Moving Forward®

Beyond Women Moving Forward®

Women Moving Forward® Follow-Up OR
After Women Moving Forward®
We encourage you to keep the process that was started in Women Moving Forward® going. There are several ways to keep your learnings going from Women Moving Forward®.

All Graduates of Women Moving Forward® you have the right to review any community based Women Moving Forward® that we have scheduled.

The cost to Review the workshop is 50% of the full price of the workshop. 

As a Reviewer you will fully participate in the entire workshop and you will need to be present for all three days.


All Graduates of Women Moving Forward® have the right to Observe any community based Women Moving Forward® workshop.
The cost to Observe is $250 per graduate and you can come and go as you please. You will be in the back of the room observing the workshop and following along with your materials. This will give you a chance to see what is the next issue for you to resolve and you will have the opportunity to do that as an Observer.
Many women come back to Observe when their life changes so they can make the transition an easier one.

Advanced Women Moving Forward®

This three day workshop will give you another deeper experience of the Women Moving Forward® Workshop. You will cover the same topics but now with the experience of the WMF® Process and in a more informal atmosphere. You must be a Graduate of Women Moving Forward® to attend. The cost is the same as Women Moving Forward®.

For those of you who want to attend The Women's Leadership Retreat© for the first time in 2016 there is now a prerequisite; Advanced Women Moving Forward®.


We use to be able to do a make-up day for The Retreat© to cover all of the previous year's concepts.  This is not possible any longer. With 60+ pages of concepts to learn before the first day of The Retreat© we must have another way to get potential attendees up to the current year's concepts.


The 2 day format will cover:

  1. The participant will start to identify or identify their purpose in life.

  2. The participant will know the properties of purpose.

  3. The participant will know how this supports their work and how to maximize their work contribution using their purpose. 

  4. The participant will know and know how to use intention to attain higher levels of productivity.

  5. The participant will be able to bring in to being bigger results using their knowledge of Creation, Intention and Purpose.

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

  • Any woman who is a graduate of Women Moving Forward® and who wants to improve her productivity and lead a more purposeful life.

  • Any woman who plans to attend the Women's Leadership Retreat© and has not attended before.

  • Any graduate of Women Moving Forward® who wants to continue the process they started.

Cost: $2750 ($4750 in Geneva)


Here are some quotes from the evaluations of the last Advanced Women Moving Forward® Workshop:


"I understand the boundaries that go along with my role, I will be able to make more efficient decisions"


"I have a greater sense of clarity over my life....this has given me the opportunity to start with a clean slate. I am more in touch with myself..."


"I am more purposeful and can lead from a higher level....I am more 'in the moment' because the distractions are being removed"


"...(I'm) not alone in my experience, support is so helpful...like a renewal of WMF® to a further degree"


"I will live more on purpose at work which will make me more effective in my role...as a leader. This will benefit my company..."


"I plan to move through breakdown as quickly as possible"


"I am more centered and more on purpose which will help me make clearer decisions and improve productivity"


"Knowing that breakdowns are opportunities to learn information to move back into creation vs viewing them as a dead end"


"I will focus on 'who owns the problem' and delegate the solution to them"


"I have let go of old declarations and am refocused on the path forward"


The Women's Leadership Retreat

This very special Retreat is only for women who are at Director level and above.  To attend in 2016, May 3-5 (make up day May 2),  you must be a graduate of Women Moving Forward®  for at least a year and you must also attend Advanced Women Moving Forward®.


Advanced Women Moving Forward is scheduled for:

August 19-20   Thousand Oaks, CA

September 8-9  Geneva, Switzerland


If you have attended The Women's Leadership Retreat before but missed a year, you will need to attend the make-up day May 2. You will have 26+ concepts to master and 60+ pages of pre-work.


We will bundle the price of the workshops together so you can meet the prerequisites with a discount.  Fee for new participants or participants who missed a year is $4950 US, for returning participants it is $4150 US.


I look forward to speaking with you about this incredible program!


  Click here for more information about this course.

2016 Women's Leadership Retreat  only 2 spaces left 


A Light moment in the 2015 WLR®


2015 was an incredible year for the  Women's Leadership Retreat®!


The issues we discussed this year were:

 -  Completion of Death

 -  Kubler-Ross Death and Dying Stages

 -  Completing By Telling the Truth


One of our participants said:

"Feeling so privileged and grateful for an amazing gift and life changing experience. Thank you Susan!!"



The women attending came away feeling more empowered then ever before. The completion of some very difficult experiences coupled with telling the truth set them on a more purposeful course. 


It was a magnificent group of women! 



2016 only has 2 spaces left, so if plan to attend in please register ASAP! 


Support Groups

We encourage groups of graduates to start formal and informal support groups of women in their area, companies, etc. 
Many companies already have these groups  and we can make sure you are put in touch with graduates from your company or area. 
Let us know if you would like us to support you in beginning a Women Moving Forward® Graduates group.


Bringing Women Moving Forward® To Your Area

To have us schedule a  Women Moving Forward® Public Workshop  in your  area  you will need to register  8+ women ( at $3000 per women USD in the US and $4200 per woman  USD in another country).  We will then fill the rest of the 6 spaces with women from other companies and areas unless you purchase all 14 spaces for your company.
In this scenario  we are  responsible for the  workshop hotel costs and our transportation costs. You would be responsible for the expenses of the women you register and their registration  fees.


Women Moving Forward® for Your Company or Organization

To have a Women Moving Forward®  workshop  that  is just for your  Organization the fee is $35,000 USD any where in the world for up to 14 women and you would also be responsible for the workshop hotel expenses and trainer team expenses.  For more information contact us.