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How to Become a V2 Distributor

If you are interested in Purchasing a V2 Distributorship here is some information on the history of our Distributorships.

V2 is a 10 year old distributorship company, its sister company, Susan Van Vleet Consultants, Inc.® is over 30 years old and holds the copyrights and trademarks on 30+ course products which Distributors for V2 Consulting are licensed to sell and lead. Only V2 Distributors can be certified trainers.


We hand select distributors based on their commitment to the work and their ability to be successful as a distributor. We then commit to their success and do everything we can to have them reach their goals as distributors.


We already have 2 successful Distributors who are able to be trainers leading our workshops for their own client companies and working with us as trainers on our big contracts.


The Susan Van Vleet Consultants, Inc.® course products have been extremely successful in companies like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and SC Johnson and Sons.


John and I have over 66 years of management consulting experience between us. We have worked internationally leading programs in South America, Mexico, Canada, Asia, Australia and Europe as well as in the United States.


We welcome your interest in our companies and our distributorships.  If you would like to receive more information contact us by E-mail or phone.




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