Women Moving Forward®

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are typical questions about Women Moving Forward®

Q: How long is the Women Moving Forward® workshop?
A: Women Moving Forward® is a 3-day course.

Q: What do I have to do to prepare for Women Moving Forward®?
A: There is written pre-work and a pre-call prior to the workshop.

Q: How does Women Moving Forward® differ from other courses for women?
A: Women Moving Forward® is over 30 years old and it is the original Women Moving Forward® course.  It is designed to have women deal with all of their internal barriers so they can move FORWARD in their lives.  We do not simply work on changing behavior we work on changing what produced the behavior in this workshop.  Women report lasting results over 30 years.

Q: Do I need to do any personal work before I attend the workshop?
A: No -- you do not have to do any personal work before you attend the workshop.  However, if you have done personal work, that will be fine too.

Q: Do I need to have a problem or issue to resolve in order to attend Women Moving Forward®?
A: You need to have a defined problem or issue by the time you complete the pre-call with the trainer.  It is unusual for women to not have some problem whether personal of professional.  Most women have difficulty identifying which problem to select or focus on!

Q: Can I continue to expand my learnings from the Women Moving Forward® Workshop I attend?
A: We encourage women to continue their learnings form the WMF® workshop.  We believe WMF® is the beginning of a process not the completion of the process.  There are several ways to do this formally and informally:

  1. We can put you in touch with other women from your area or company who have taken the workshop so you can have an informal support group.

  2. You can Review the workshop for 50% of the cost of the workshop and participate fully again.  Many women return to do this at different times in their life.

  3. You can Observe the workshop for $250 where you sit in the back of the room and don't fully participate but you do get to see how far you have come and what is next for you.

  4. Your trainer is also available to you to do individual consultations with you on an hourly basis.

  5. You can also attend any of our other workshops.  78% of Women who attended WMF® and then attended another SVVCI® workshop were promoted by their companies.