Women Moving Forward®

Women Moving Forward® Survey Summary

Women Moving Forward® allows women to resolve personal and professional issues in 3 days. It also gives women the tools to be promoted.

It gives companies a tool to upgrade the skill and ability of women in their employ. It also can be a tool to keep “at risk women” from being regrettable losses to a company thereby saving millions of dollars yearly.

Women Moving Forward® is cross-cultural and produces the results for women from many different backgrounds.

Women who take Women Moving Forward® (WMF®) are more likely to understand their companies better and to move forward in that company as well as in life.

The results of Women Moving Forward® stay with women long after they complete the workshop (over 6 – 28 years for most respondents).

Here are some of the important survey results:

  • 100% of respondents felt they benefited from taking Women Moving Forward®

  • 95% of women resolved the issue they brought to Women Moving Forward® to resolve.

  • 90% of women resolved other career issues as well.

  • 82% of women resolved other personal issues as well.

  • 92% of women felt their companies benefited from them attending.

  • 90% of women said their professional life was better after taking WMF®.

  • 90% of women said their personal life was better after taking WMF®.

  • Of the sample 23% of the women were planning to leave their companies before they attended WMF®, 100% of those women are still with their companies.

  • 64% of respondents were promoted by their companies an average of 2 levels per person.

  • 78% of respondents who took WMF® and another SVVCI® course were promoted by their companies.

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