Women Moving Forward®


The Impact of Women Moving Forward®


"Your workshops are consistently on the cutting edge of management problem solving…."
Nehama Jacobs
Director, Corporate Finance Services
Price Waterhouse
Author, Success & Betrayal

"..It was truly life changing for me. I described it as a major life event. I have already completed three of the action steps from my plan and am totally committed to completing the plan. I have no doubt I will complete it. The workshop provided a forum that helped me get to this point through a combination of challenging my thoughts and beliefs and through an incredibly supportive environment."
Laurie Tietze
Engineer & Manager
Procter & Gamble

"I worked hard and learned more about what we face in our future than I have at countless other workshops. It is…difficult to find workshops focused on real women's issues that give you the tools and suggestions to make the necessary changes."
Stephanie Y. Donald
Performance Consultant
SC Johnson Wax

"It was the best investment I have ever made on myself."
Kathryn Mowris Aiken, V.P.
Baldwin Piano & Organ Company

"The results of this course have been unbelievable to me…after a rather quiet 13-year career which had stagnated in the last twelve months, your course provided me with the information to jump by leaps and bounds."
Christal Fisher
Vice-President Quality Assurance
Mary Kay Cosmetics

""Women Moving Forward®" (is) unique in several respects. The model it provides for working through the processes of personal exploration and acknowledgement of blocks to growth is one-of--kind…."
Andrea C. Zintz, Ph.D.
Vice-President, Human Resources
Ortho Biotech

"Working closely with Susan was the most rewarding and growthful experience of my ten-year career at Procter & Gamble."
John C. Oswalt
Site Restructuring Manager
Procter & Gamble



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