Women’s Leadership Retreat®

Women’s Leadership Retreat®

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Pre-requisites to attend: Must be a graduate of Women Moving Forward® at Director level or above. To register call Susan directly at our office: 303-660-5206

This Retreat is designed to have the conversations that powerful women need to have but rarely get the opportunity to have with each other. Women who attend the Women’s Leadership Retreat® come from the highest levels of their respective organizations. Typically they have a large span of control over large numbers of people and/or projects.
It is an invaluable group of powerful women to be a part of.

Companies including Proctor & Gamble, J&J, Kimberly Clark, Pepsi, Mary Kay and SC Johnson have sent women to this Retreat. Most women who attend return to the next year’s Retreat.

Topics change each year and build on the last year’s topics so there is a cumulative body of knowledge. Topics have included:

-Giftedness & Loneliness

-Purpose and how it drives your life professionally and personally

-Dying for a Paycheck

-Shame & Guilt


The Retreat begins when you register as you will need to work on the 90 concepts immediately.


The Trainer for this workshop is Susan Van Vleet, President of Susan Van Vleet Consultants, Inc.® and the creator of the course.  Susan has a Masters Degree in Social Work and is a Certified Professional Consultant to Management.

Susan has been married for over 40 years and has two grown sons.

If you are interested in bringing this workshop into your company or attending the next public class, please contact us.